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Last updated on May 17, 2004.

The Beaux Jens played at Olivet High School once, in the late 60's. Seems like one of the members was late, but after he arrived, there was some serious rock and roll played. Really enjoyed them!

Posted by: Don at September 2, 2004 03:40 PM

I'm the drummer of the Beaux Jens. My name is Joe Panessidi. Check out MyFirstBand.com the Beaux Jens were recently added to the site. I loved that band. The Beaux Jens were one of the great garage bands of Michigan. Gordy joined the Frost, Dick Wagner left the Frost for writing tunes for Alice Cooper and others. I missed being the Silver Bullet Band because they chose Dave Teagarten who had national touring experience and was great. The Beaux Jens should've stuck with it, great weren't they? We could play just about do anything.

You can bet it was Gordy Garris who was late for the Olivet High School Gig, he was late for everything.

Posted by: Joe Panessidi at November 23, 2004 05:45 PM


How are you doing? Yea, you guys were a great band. I always thought you would "make it"! I grew up in Portland, Mi. and heard you many times. I played in Our Generation at that time. Take care and I hope you are still doing shows. Is Garris still around?


Posted by: Patrick Dawdy at December 3, 2004 08:27 AM

Hello.. Joe ... Yes the Jens were alot of fun. I need to find one of the 45,s thanks bib dock

Posted by: bob at January 30, 2005 09:43 PM


I knew the beaux jens by the back from the grave series in the mid 80's, i remenber very well: "she was mine"; one of my favorite song at this time, i'm french, and here, we like very much this sort of bands. This song remember me a lot of souvenirs of a boy who is dead now. But very good things. Well, good luck to all!

Posted by: isa at February 24, 2005 01:45 PM


I'm French, too, and just like Isa I discovered the Beaux Jens on a Back from the Grave album (but only a few months ago). It's not always that easy to distinguish all these great garage bands at first hearing, but I must say I was kind of seduced by this title. Isa she is right, in France you can find a lot of people fond of old US garage rock.
You guys seems to rock seriously.
With all my respect,

Pr. Lamairde
(occasionnal bassist in the bands Speedfouette, the Heroes, and Sunday Machine & la Demission Particuliere).

Posted by: Pr. Lamairde at April 1, 2005 07:14 AM

My dad has a 45 with She Was Mine, I can't remember the other side but one was by Gordy, the other side was Garris and Schram. He has a few pics laying around too. Most are Beaux Jens, some of the Bossmen.

Posted by: Emily at May 11, 2006 08:07 PM

Hey Emily,
How are you haven't heard from you in a while. Got great news. Contact me !
P.S. I hope everything is going fabulous for you.

Posted by: Joe Panessidi at October 1, 2006 05:06 PM

Hello!!! As you all well dont know my name is Amanda Schram. My Grandpa is Tim Schram of Beaux Jens!!!!!!

Posted by: Amanda Schram at November 21, 2007 02:49 PM

Hi Joe! Yea, the Beau Jens were great. I remember the Sceen. It's still standing. I tried starting up a band with Gordy after Frost, with members from my old band 'Theatre', but it did not work out. I remember going to the Girls Dorms at MSU with him. He would walk in and sit at the piano and play these beautiful songs for them, then the Dorm Mother would kick us out. He would get insulted, then we would go on to the next Dorm. We went to all of them. Do you know how to get in touch with him? I'd like to see how he is doing.

Posted by: John Buckner at March 11, 2008 09:49 AM

Hello World! My name is Toby Bates. I'm one of the original members of the Beaux Jens. Joe and I named the group and Gordy and I co-wrote "She Was Mine". I play keyboards and sing. I have a myspace page with new songs posted. I'd sure like to hear some news about Tim and Gordy. Anyone alive out there???

Posted by: Toby Bates at March 17, 2008 06:19 PM

Amanda and Emily,
Toby has contacted me. With new tunes he has written. Its should be interesting to see how they turn out after recording them. I am trying to save enough money to record them with Denny and Doug of former bands of mine. Where is Tim Schram? It would be great to talk to him.

Posted by: Joe at May 17, 2008 03:15 AM

Hello, I'm Gordy's sister and was probably at 90% of all the practices as well as the performances. Gordy is alive and well in Saginaw, Mi. He's still tinkering around with writing tunes. He's married and has a 12 year old son "Gordy Garris III. I live in Austin Texas.

Posted by: Sue "Garris" Irish at September 4, 2008 10:27 AM

Sue - Hello. I'm a huge fan of your brother. I've heard many "things" about Gordy through the concerning his heath. I'm very happy to hear he is alive and well! He had (has)one of the greatest voices I every had the pleasure of listening too. Thanks for the update.

Posted by: Patrick at September 8, 2008 07:14 AM

After 40 years, I came across the 45 of the Beaux Jens, but I have no player anymore to hear my favorite song. I seen the band several weekends at the Scene in 68' and 69', I remember Tonto and the Renegades, Lavender Hill Mob, Ambrose - when Ted Nugent was a nobody. I have pics from all the bands somewhere, just need to dig them out. Do you remember the owner of the Scene, Don Trefry? Is he still in Lansing? I also loved The Ones, what a great sound they had! Oh I almost forgot The Balloon Farm, wow my memory is still working Amazing!! I still have my album by The Frost,I was a groupie for awhile. I'll have to check out this Back from the Dead CD, where is it avalaible? Also I seen a post from Pat Dawdy from Portland, my husband is Jeff and he's the bass player for Distance. Small world!

Posted by: Renee at November 2, 2008 03:06 AM

Whoops I just realized I named Ted Nugents band wrong. It was Amboy Dukes, and Ted was really into weird looking leggings, and he was all into himself. Hmm he still is!!

Posted by: Renee at November 2, 2008 03:27 AM

My grandpa tim is doing very well. he lives still in michigan.

Posted by: Amanda at December 19, 2008 08:46 PM

Apologies for being off topic in the Beaux Jens message board but I stumbled across the comment above by Renee mentioning, among others, Lavender Hill Mob. I played guitar and bass in that band with Jim Miller from Nashville on lead and vocals, Jon Vetter from Sunfield on keyboard and vocals, Tom (memory blank on last name) on bass, Wally Pool on drums for awhile followed by Terry (another blank, argh, old age) from Grand Ledge. Terry had played in Frightened Trees prior. We played the Scene a lot for a while. I remember one summer night scaring the bejesus out of the owner, Don, as we had decided to incorporate a fog machine into the act for a bit of theater, I guess, and didn't think to warn him. Of course, fog filled the room and started billowing out the doors. Don came running, undoubtedly imagining he had a burning dance club full of teenagers. Good memories.

Posted by: Bill Hammond at January 7, 2009 11:42 PM

I am the historian of Beaux Jen lore and keeper of many heirlooms/artifacts from the band's hey-day. I have the "Beaux Jens diaires"- a complete and private record of the band's every breath, from 1966 to 1968. My hope is to colaborate on a screen play writing session and someday see the story of a 60's garage-band come alive. I also have the original demo, made in 1967 with Dick Wagner in Cleveland, that contains two never released songs of the Beaux Jens- "Hang On and Listen Now Girl". All the gigs, travel, special events and more is all in the diaires. Any curious fans out there? Happy to share what really happened.

Posted by: Toby Bates at January 18, 2009 05:03 PM

This is John Vetter from the Lavender Hill Mob. Not yet a ghost. Had some great times with band members and all the great fans we had. Bill Hammond, Mark Reed, and Jim Miller, Terry Hines, Tom McWhorter, et al, stop by the old homestead. Those were the days. Great bands then, not seen these days. The tunes are still in my head, and the music never stops.
John Vetter 4/14/09

Posted by: John Vetter at April 14, 2009 11:53 PM

John - Good morning. Isn't this site sweet. I remember your band and you well. Pat Feldpausch and I stopped in a few times at your house on Sunfield Highway, we were in "Our Generation". We actually borrowed some gear from you once for a show. Take care.

Pat Dawdy

Posted by: Patrick at April 15, 2009 06:01 AM

I remember the Beaux Jens from my high school days. I went to some teen dance place north of Newaygo to hear them and they really impressed me with their rendition of "Light My Fire" and "Buttercup Baby". Awesome band...awesome times. I had a little band of my own called the Murphy Brothers. Just 3 brothers: Ty on Bass, Lon on Drums, and myself on Guitar. We all still enjoy playing classic rock. Apr 2009.

Posted by: Garry Murphy at April 17, 2009 10:40 AM

Hey John!

How have you been these last forty-odd years? Shoot me an email at bill dot hammond at cogeco dot ca if you're so inclined. I'd love to hear how life has treated you so far and whether you have any contact with others from LHM.

Best regards,

Bill Hammond

Posted by: Bill Hammond at April 30, 2009 10:31 AM

Hey to Joe if you're still here. My Dad's been making some rounds in Nashville the past couple of years. Had a chance on the Opry a year and a half ago. Did you ever run into Acklee King?

Posted by: Emily at May 7, 2009 08:10 PM

Hello Emily, You don't know me but tell your dad I'd play keyboards on his country/blues album anytime. Please say hello for me. These are two original BEAUX JENS here, for the readers.

Posted by: Toby Bates at May 19, 2009 03:49 PM

To Toby-I would love to see a film showing garage bands of the 60s made into a screenplay. Tom Hanks sort of caught it in 'That Thing You Do'.There has to be thousands of stories to be told from that era. I collect and DJ garage 45s here in England. Havent got Beaux jens 45-one day I hope!Im a teacher and sometimes play this music to my class and they dig it!
Great website here-visit it many times.

Posted by: andrew at July 2, 2009 06:00 AM

Andrew - Good morning. I hope Toby gets you a copy of the Beaux Jens single, it is GREAT!! I played in a band called "Our Generation" from that era and still play out and record as well. I'd love to send you our only single from those days on the Fenton Records label. Send me your address and I'll get a copy to you if you'd like.


Posted by: Patrick Dawdy at July 2, 2009 07:45 AM

Hi patrick-thankyou for your message.You can contact me on my email - aroseaman@wsgfl.org.uk.Love to hear more about those days of yesteryear.Must be strange yet very humbling for you guys to have all these folk over the world diggin your music.I think its wonderful and the music of that era,especially Fenton/michigan and minnesota got me into the scene.

Posted by: andrew at July 2, 2009 04:10 PM

hey i write from Madrid, Spain , im looking a issue of "she was mine" incredible garage hit of the hits! i wish i could live and enjoy those years...

Posted by: pablo perez at July 12, 2009 03:18 PM

I really enjoyed reading the comments on this site. I always had a great time at the Scene and loved all the bands. My favorites were The Ones, The Beaux Jens,and the Lavender Hill Mob. I also liked the Sands of Time from Lansing but I don't know what happened to them. Bill Peterman was the drummer. I heard Danny from The Ones died. I didn't know that either. John, I do remember the fog stories. It was a great time out there back then. I heard Don Trefry had a horse farm but I can't remember where. I'd love to hear some news about the old bands and people like me who loved the late 60's at the Scene!

Posted by: Coni Haney at July 15, 2009 05:19 PM

I have posted all four BEAUX JENS songs on MySpace, on Toby Bates BEAUX JENS. enjoy!!!!

Posted by: Toby Bates at July 17, 2009 03:59 PM

Great to hear those unreleased Beaux Jens songs, thanks for posting, Toby! Very nice -- is that a Hammond organ?

Pete M,

Posted by: Pete M at August 11, 2009 08:53 AM

You're welcome Pete, thanks for the note. Yes, it is a hammond organ, (C-3) that was in the studio in Cleveland, where the two Dick Wagner songs were recorded in Nov of 1967. I used a vox organ on She was mine and Troubled Baby, recorded in Feb 1967.

Posted by: Toby Bates at August 17, 2009 12:34 PM

Hey guys and gals!


Toby! How are you! I was the drummer with "The Frightened Trees" way back then. Bill Malone is here in LA doing directing/producing movies and I am the GDS Team Chief for Mars mission here at NASA's JPL in Pasadena. I just met up with Bill last week. I still have my Slingerlands and he has all the VOX equipment and his Hofner bass.
We were talking about trying to contact Don Trefry also. Send me any info you might have.
Thanks. Hope to talk to you soon.

Posted by: Terry W. Himes at December 16, 2009 07:19 PM

Terry-HELLO!! It's great to hear from you. I remember the Frightened Trees well. You were a part of that unforgetable era at the Sceen and its a great pleasure to be reminded of it by your name on this page-they ought to just call it the SCEEN page. I also remember some of our school days that go back quite a bit of time. I'm glad to hear about your sucess in life and your mus ical spirit seems to be alive and well. I am still playing, writing and recording. I play in a group and I play solo gigs. Living in Roseburg, OR Live long and keep playing

Posted by: Toby Bates at January 13, 2010 04:38 PM

My parents are both from the Lansing Mi area. My father, Steve Rogers was in a garage band called The Balloon Farm. My mom said they were pretty popular. I have a picture of them and know they made a 45 record. Does anyone have any other information?



Posted by: Heather at January 17, 2010 09:47 AM

Heather - I don't have their record, but, I remember your Dad's band well! They were VERY good. I was playing in a band myself at that time called "Our Generation".

Posted by: Patrick at January 18, 2010 10:49 AM

Hi Heather, Your Dad was in two groups that I was in. In June of '68, he replaced Gordy Garris on bass for the Beaux Jens. It didnn't last very long but, in Nov, '68, We were in the Toby Bates Blues Band together along with Joe Panessidi, Greg Hethorne and Steve White. We practiced at Steve's basement and we played some great gigs together. Great memories- please say hello to your dad for me.

Posted by: T. Bates at March 2, 2010 06:33 PM

Anyone out there have a copy of the Beaux Jens they would like to sell?

Posted by: John Green at July 26, 2010 09:24 PM

Great God Almighty The Beaux Jens rocked , brings back memories of The band Our Generation Bob Seager.and the ALMIGHTY DICK WAGONER whom my brothers still follow faithfully it was a part of my childhood.
I personally put Our Generation up there with the best because of Feldpausch,Dawdy,Trappen, the best to come out of Portland or any where the talent between the three of them is exculsive . They have all followed there own paths but have always come back to each other in one way or another. I think there should be a reunion of the great bands in Portland next summer to remember the great talent that came out of that small town.and to let them know how much a part of our lives they are and will always be.. peace to all ....Sherry Feldpausch Coffman..

Posted by: Coffman at October 5, 2010 11:40 AM

Hi Sherry................you are so right, we should have a concert somewhere!! I hope all is well with you! ..........and by the way, "OUR GENERATION" rocked!!

Posted by: Patrick dawdy at October 29, 2010 10:01 AM

Good day,
Apologies once again for being off topic on the Beaux Jens board. Thanks for your patience. Bill Hammond of the Lavender Hill Mob. If anyone out has any photos of LHM at the Sceen or any other venue, I would be very interested. I have no pictures of the band at all. Please email me at bill.hammond@cogeco.ca. Anything would be appreciated.

Posted by: Bill Hammond at November 13, 2010 02:30 PM

Hi there, I googled my father's name, Greg Hethorn, and found this site. He passed away in 1996. I was only four at the time and really know nothing of who he was. If anybody out there has any recordings, pictures, or stories to tell my email address is robinhethorn@hotmail.com. If you know ANYTHING about him PLEASE get back to me.

Posted by: Robin at December 27, 2010 10:57 PM

Hi Robin, I am an old friend of your father's and have many stories from a long history of our paths crossing. I first met him when we both played at a teen club in different bands. From there we were friends and bandmates in the Toby Bates Blues Band and later, we both moved to the Northwest where we kept in touch. We almost reunited in another band in the mid-80's, but it never happened. I was shocked when I heard about his death- he was a great person and musician.

Posted by: T. Bates at January 3, 2011 05:10 PM

I was barely in Jr High at GL when the Beaux Jens and Tonto and the renegades were still playing and still together. You guys helped influence alot of us younger guys to play. Trouble Baby should get regular air play on Little Stevens Garage.That song rocks. Glad to hear Gordy is OK. I used to have Frost Music and the live album. Now
gone with alot of other good old records. Grand Ledge definitley was an important link in early Michigan rock music. Joe! I met your sister recently.(can't remember her name)and, I am married to Debbie Beitler who you may remember
from early GLHS days. Remember the Maxx playing there. VERY COOL.

Posted by: Tim Williams at May 6, 2011 12:22 AM

We have to keep this going Beaux Jens are forever.

Posted by: Joe P. at July 17, 2012 05:55 PM

hello Beau Jen fan!!!!!!!!! The last post here was in 2012 so I hope so much that people are still here! My name is Denise from Portland and very much remember all the greatest of the early Mich. rock esp. Beau Jens as I was Tobys or he was my first love! Toby are you out there and do you remember me? I wish I saved that single when you gave it to me! I do remember that the one song was co wrote by you and I was the inspiration for that song. I so much would like to see or talk to you again. take care, love and peace

Posted by: denise dupuis at September 19, 2015 12:11 AM

Toby, friend me on facebook Denise Mulholland!!!111

Posted by: denise dupuis mulholland at September 19, 2015 12:18 AM
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