Name: Josh Depenbrok (Homepage)
Location: Grand Rapids Date: Oct 7 13:42:38 2003
Comment: Great resource on a little-known part of Grand Rapids history.
Name: Gary Cronkhite
Location: Grand Rapids Date: Sep 9 01:27:07 2003
Comment: Great site. Brings back the best memories of my life. I was the drummer in an Allegan band called Opus from '68 to '71. Somewhere in there we were also called The West Exit. We played in a ton of high school gymnasiums, and threw our own Saturday night dances at the Allegan Griswold Auditorium. Played a few times in Holland at the Wharf, I think it was called and even took the stage once at The Note in Gun Lake with The Fog of Kalamazoo and the Blue Ice of Grand Rapids. If my memory is correct,
Name: Jerry =ittkowski
Location: Kalamazoo, Mi. Date: Sep 7 02:37:19 2003
Comment: Great site. Does anyone remember the name of a three-piece band that played the bar in the Westgate bowling alley? Around 1971. They played some great tunes. My favorite was James Gangs "Midnight Man". The lead guitarist looked like Mark Farner with the long =straight hair parted in the middle. He was into bikes (choppers). the Stardust Lounge was another hangout to see the Common People. And PutPuts had Crank. These bands kicked ass. Man I miss that live music.
Location: B.C.anada Date: Aug 24 07:54:28 2003
Name: Bob =oner ()
Location: Albion, Michiga Date: Aug 13 00:03:03 2003
Comment: Saw the thing from Tom O'Brien. I worked at WSJM with these crazies back in the 60's. My life has never been the same. Is Ken Rank really still alive. Hey guys, drop me a note. Bob
Name: Ken Rank ()
Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma Date: Jul 30 15:52:26 2003
Comment: I wrote and voiced "Twin City Saucer".
I saw that Tom O'Brien wrote to you. I would like to know how to get in touch wih him.
Could you help me? Oh , by the way I have a copy of "Twin City Saucer" How much is it worth?

Thanks, Ken Rank
Name: Tom Arsulowicz
Location: Date: Jul 24 01:41:55 2003
Comment: What a great site this is, It brings back so many good memories of the great 60's I graduated from East Catholic Central in 63. Remembering the good ol days at the Shamrock Bar and the Kingtones, with Pete and Bruce and the guys. Those were really the days--cruisen the strip -Monroe and Vets Park and back down Monroe again , than to the Big Boys on Pearl. Now living in Orlando for the past 23 years , I really miss GR.
Tom Arsulowicz
Name: Matty B
Location: GR Date: Jul 3 19:24:38 2003
Comment: Maty B of Moped Assault team just checkn out the page for the first time :0
Name: Danny =eeds ()
Location: FL Date: Jun 27 04:12:46 2003
Comment: weird site subject matter. really. but, glad to see that people are populating the net with sites outside the realm of "normal."

Name: PAT D
Location: Zeeland Date: Jun 16 13:57:40 2003
Comment: Great site!!!brought back some old memories.I had a 2nd cousin who played in Extreme =ight band--played at the Old Crow Bar--any other bands you remember from out there??? thanks for the memories!!
Location: 60's Date: Jun 15 17:56:06 2003
Comment: Great to see all those websites dedicated to all those great bands in the sixties. Thanx. Here you can hear them all!!!
I'm in the middle of setting up an internet radio-stream where you can listen online 24 hours a day to the most obscure 60's punk / garage and psychedelic music from all over the world starting off with the USA and Canada...........................................

Please tune into my stream via my website:
Name: Craig Clarke
Location: Sparta Date: May 30 10:11:11 2003
Comment: Good Job Jake. I was a founding member in THE JADES and wrote some of the songs that we recorded. I remember several of the bands you have listed and saw m0st of them. I worked at Great Lakes Recording Studio(home of Fenton Records) all through high school(1964 to 1968)I will do some checking and see if I have some pictures of us and other bands if your interested. We plaed at the PLACE 3 times in a battel of the band wich the Soul Benders won. It seemed like every high school had a band in thos
Name: James(Willy) =inier
Location: Orleans,MI. Date: Apr 19 07:42:45 2003
Comment: Hey Keith: I remember ya. I bought a car from you but I wont't hold it against ya. Thanks for the info. If you wanna' keep in touch it's
Name: keith seccombe
Location: Date: Apr 14 17:23:55 2003
Comment: in reply to willy =inier,s last e.mail on your sight ,hi willy i was the singer in me and dem guys and the dead end kids,and yes i remember spot and the blotters good show band they used to play the Basement. By the way did you see the e.mail from donny in florida ? Have a good one!!!!
Name: (Home=age)
Location: grand rapids Date: Mar 22 02:35:23 2003
Name: Claudia St. =ndre ()
Location: Grand Rapids Date: Mar 21 22:23:30 2003
Comment: I remeber The Place fondly. Tony Cooper was a friend of mine from Creston High School. He sang "Think Twice" to me at The Place in 1966. I remember him as a great guy and good friend. Where did he go?
Name: Donnie Rodgers
Location: St. Pete. Fl. Date: Mar 17 07:05:24 2003
Comment: Nice site, enjoy reading & hearing about people I use to know frow the good ol days,I played with carl parker $ the pastals, jacky beavers,me & dem guys,jr,walker/all stars,bobby charles,& raggs still playing once & awhile
Name: James(Willy)Minier (Homepage)
Location: Orleans,MI. Date: Mar 16 08:59:46 2003
Comment: I remember Carl Parker and the Pastels(is that the group your talking about). That was a good group. I believe I caught them one night at the Seaway =ar in Holland Mi.,after a rehearsel with the group I was working with. Wasn't there a Carl Parker and The Headlights? anyone remember Spot and The Blotters?
Name: Carl Chapman =)
Location: battle creek mi Date: Mar 15 11:53:38 2003
Comment: Great site.I was the bass player and managed
the pastels from 61-68. cut a record in 66 on
Phalanx. Did well localy.I still play once
in awhile. like Charlie Daniels says in one
of his songs "Im just a old rock and roller
playing in a back street bar.Keep up the good
Name: Johnnie McCoy (Homepage)
Location: St. Pete, Fl Date: Jan 27 22:18:14 2003
Comment: As a member of the original Bobby Charles Quartet I really appreciate your pages. Really brings back memories of all the great bands around 60's" Grand Rapids.
Name: Leslie Winne
Location: Atlanta, GA Date: Dec 31 14:43:02 2002
Comment: This website is wild. I played with the reincarnation of the Chentelles, the Embryonic Marshmallow. Our claim to fame was coming in second place of 22 bands at the Allegan County Fair's Battle of the =ands in 1967. We had a kickass lead female singer, who also recorded at Fenton, Pam Busscher. Her almost hits were Why is There War, and Why Can't He Love Me. Other Chentelle members that carried through into the new band were Bill Dalton, Bruce Smiertka, and Dale Atkins.
Rock on! Leslie
Name: keith seccombe
Location: grand rapids Date: Dec 29 17:55:09 2002
Comment: jake
hope you got the band info i sent
two months ago we had a me and dem guys reunion
jay came in from california ,donny from florida, frank from manistee, john from jackson,and doug from southfield lynn and i still live here in g.r if anyone wants any additional info on the band contact me at either or have a good one ta ta keith

Name: Dave weaver
Location: Grand Rapids, Date: Dec 28 03:05:14 2002
Comment: I played in the Noblemen from central high in GR. I had a large collection of local records. Doug Pollack from Lyn & the invaders went to central as well. great site!!!!

Name: Debbie Smit
Location: Date: Dec 17 15:42:50 2002
Comment: Bruce Snoap's neice
Name: John Willerton
Location: St. Louis, MO Date: Dec 16 18:14:12 2002
Comment: It was a pleasure to read your interview with Dennis Smertka from the Chentelles. I can see Dennis has selective memories about the group :) I have a few photos of the group and pictures from the reunion if you are interested. Thanks for keeping some great memeories alive.
Name: Project: Data = Control (Homepage)
Location: Saginaw, MI Date: Nov 15 16:53:16 2002
Comment: Great site!
Name: Alan Silverman (Homepage)
Location: NY Date: Sep 26 23:21:01 2002
Comment: Love your web site.
If anyone knows Fitz Green, tell him hi for me and give him my email address, if he wants to get in touch. We went to EGR, graduated in '65'. Also Alex (Mac) Greene, from EGR, if he's around.
Name: Dave (Homepage)
Location: Grand Rapids Date: Sep 9 12:33:36 2002
Comment: Nice site:-)
Name: Art Hauffe
Location: Tampa, Fla Date: Sep 3 15:09:48 2002
Comment: I forgot something. The Cherry Slush was based in Saginaw Mi. We recorded at Chess Records (Chicago) Audio Sound (Cleveland)Gread =akes(Sparta)United Sound (Detroit)a 2 track studio in Bay City the same studio that 96 Tears was recorded and two of us recorded something in Alabama. Let me know if you need anymore history.
Name: Art Hauffe
Location: Tampa, Fla Date: Sep 3 14:58:15 2002
Comment: Howdy,

I played bass in "The Cherry Slush" and was on the Birthday song. If you Email me I'll send back some pictures of our June 2002 reunion. All the orginal members were there and we played for over =200 people. I have done two interviews with internet people. and another site from Chicago. Art
Name: Carl Chapman
Location: Battle Creek, M Date: Aug 23 21:27:02 2002
Comment: Like your page. I used to have a band in the sixtys. Carl Parker & the Pastels, then Bobby
Dee & the Pastels. diden't play GR much, but covered most of west mi.recorded in 66 on
Name: Will Minier =)
Location: Orleans Date: Aug 10 07:02:39 2002
Comment: Hello Johnnie. You were my hero back then. Was a great fan of Bobby Charles group. But as a working musician didn't get a chance to see them much. =
Name: Johnnie McCoy (Homepage)
Location: St. Petersburg Date: Aug 7 01:40:48 2002
Comment: I found your site when searching for the Bobby Charles Quartet, of which I was a remeber in the 60's. I'd love to hear from some of the people I know in GR back then.
Location: VENEZUELA Date: May 7 18:12:15 2002
Name: L. Leonard
Location: Portland, MI Date: Apr 30 11:08:22 2002
Comment: Don't forget Portland, MI's Our Generation!
(Pat from The jonnies)
They recorded "Chicago Blues" and "Baby Boy" as the O. G.'s on Fenton.. The O.G.s melded into Buzz Walker. Does anyone remember The Scene in Sunfield?. How about the Cobra Club in Hastings?
Name: Fred LeBaron (Homepage)
Location: Hinsdale IL Date: Apr 18 19:29:10 2002
Comment: Hey, cool site. I was a sort of hanger-on, wannabe of many of the bands you so ably chronicle. I tried out as a singer for the Ju-Ju's, but really stunk up the joint (they were nice about it, though). Later I substituted in the Pedestrians a couple times after =im DeGroot left, and Tony Cooper and Dave Rutkowski were =eading the band. My brothers and I had a band we called lots of different stuff ... Llama, Riverun, All Diesel Orchestra. We played at the Raft Race, lots of GVSC parties, and
Name: Jim Frost (Homepage)
Location: Mobile, Alabama Date: Mar 27 19:04:14 2002
Comment: Continued from above:
We recorded at both Great Lakes (the theatre in
Sparta) and at Midwestern when it was in Phil
Roberts's parents' basement. Through most of its
life, the band was =im Leuliette and Keith Robb
on guitars, Doug Mull on bass, and me on drums.
Later, we became the Root Beer Stand Band (RBSB)
and went through some personnel changes. Members
of that band went on to join with Aris Hampers and
Jeff Boughner to form Phlegethon, which I worked
Name: Jim Frost (Homepage)
Location: Mobile, Alabama Date: Mar 27 19:02:49 2002
Comment: Great page! I was disappointed that you left out
my band, The Intruders, which played all over
Western Michigan during the mid-60's. We played
at The Place, the Beach Bash in Grand Haven, the
Pony Tail in Petoskey, the Blue Note in Big Rapids,
some teen club in Muskegon that I can't remember,
Mad Anthony's in Saugatuck, many other clubs, and
lots of school dances and parties at many colleges.
We recorded at both Great Lakes (the theatre in
Sparta) and at
Name: Terry Slocum ()
Location: Hot Memphis Date: Mar 22 23:49:24 2002
Comment: Tonto and the renegades were the following! Gary Ritchey(TONTO)Bass, Terry Slocum lead guitar vocals.Bill Ford guitar vocals, Tom Kirby Drums, Jeff =east Keyboards.I remember the studio in Sparta very well.. =ave did one 45 Dick Wagner did the second one The Frost were kickin back then!!! and so were we HA! Take care Keep Rockin!
Name: Terry Slocum ()
Location: Memphis Tn. Date: Mar 22 22:22:53 2002
Comment: I rocked all over west michigan from 66 to 76 Tonto and the Renegades,I wrote Little Boy Blue in 66 Like the fuzz tone?? original vox fuzz! I'm 51 now still rock and miss the old days!! I use to play at =ullivans in G.R. on Saturday jam sessions back in the 70's I remember Sparta studio Dave had a huger pipe organ in the place and we bought his first sunn amps. from him!!!!!!!!!! Terry Slocum!!!!!!!
Name: Jay Fortier
Location: Jenison, MI Date: Mar 13 00:46:54 2002
Comment: Nice site Jake! Thanks for your fine effort in presenting a glimpse of what a fun time that was, and for including my band, "Band X". We were from Manistee, but we played in the area quite a bit, and recorded here as well. I would enjoy hearing from anyone who would like to swap stories. See ya later, keep up the good work.
Name: Steve Thrall =)
Location: Grand Rapids Date: Mar 3 19:05:46 2002
Comment: Heard about your site. Looks very cool. There is so much respect for the "original" bands from Grand Rapids and the surrounding area.

I have received mail from all over the world regarding The Fredric (which is why I decided to let ArfArf re-release the recordings).

I believe ArfArf is going to do a compilation album of area bands (late 60's). He has traveled from Boston looking for old tapes from Midwestern Sound and Cinema Sound.

Nice to see your site.

Name: marlene ()
Location: Date: Feb 3 11:22:24 2002
Comment: what happened to the New Psychotics web site? Are they still around, did they get a new web site, please let me know.
Name: Mike Zinn (Homepage)
Location: Clio MI USA Date: Jan 27 10:17:38 2002
Comment: Great site! Talk about memories. I was 'Him' from the 4U & Him. I replace Ruth Ann in Ruth Ann and the Invictas, and the band changed its name at that time. We put in a couple great years with many nights at Westgate Bowl and the Seaway Bar in Holland. I'll have to dig out a picture or two and some other old GR singles that are floating around in my collection. I'll be back.
Name: James(Willy) Minier ()
Location: Orleans,MI Date: Jan 21 12:08:53 2002
Comment: I sure was surprised to see this site. And see the interview with Phil. I used to play sax with the Kingtones. In the good old Westgate days. Played with a couple of other area bands. Don Henke and the =chomen,The Sitations,The Galaxies and The Metros. Keep up the good work. Rock and Roll never forgets.
Name: bruce smiertka
Location: Date: Dec 3 17:19:43 2001
Comment: i was a memeber of the chentelles. where did you get the picture of us?
Name: Andy Rundquist
Location: Date: Nov 1 20:24:23 2001
Comment: Whodathunk?......A site on 60s GR Rock. I play in a band called The Woofers and we =over The Kingtones version of "I Guess It Doesn't Matter Any More" and Jay and the Pedestrians' "Think Twice". Great memories. Thanks a ton!
Name: Michael Manion (Homepage)
Location: California Date: Aug 15 23:44:38 2001
Comment: Great site! Reminds me of how much was really going on in that area, so long, long ago.
Michael Manion
former drummer, Roy Sorensen Group (and others)
Name: Micki Rogers
Location: Grand Rapdis, M Date: Jul 3 09:45:35 2001
Comment: Nice site!!! I remember the Kingtones from my high school days back in the late =0s. Imagine my surprise when I found I was working with Bruce Snoap's (Kingtones leader) wife at Michigan Wheel Corp. and found they still play occasionally. We still love to listen to them and always have a ball dancing. Any idea if/where I could download some of their music?
Name: Bill Van Ess
Location: Grand Rapids Date: Jun 23 00:51:35 2001
Comment: Great site, it brings back lots of memories. I have a few 45s that were released by some GR bands that you don't have listed. I'll have to dig them up someday and let you know about them. Also Charlie Huhn was from GR, he played with Vic Amato & Co back in the mid 70s and then went on to play with Ted Nugent.
Name: Krille =Homepage)
Location: Sweden Date: Jun 2 16:58:18 2001
Comment: This site rocks! And the shoutcast stream too!
I was searching for garage on and found your stream, it's great!
Name: Scott =eonard ()
Location: Grand Rapids Date: Apr 29 18:31:43 2001
Comment: I was one of the original Psychotics-the ax man. How cool to see Tom DeDinas has started up a new band after all these years called the 'New Psychotics'. A lot of miles have been traveled since those wild and crazy days.
Name: Bob Goote
Location: Date: Apr 17 16:48:48 2001
Comment: Great Site! I was the lead singer and wrote the songs for the Chevron's. Are the groups getting anything from the reissue of the Fenton songs?
anyway, This site brought back some great memories. Those were fun days!
Name: Dennis =reston (Homepage)
Location: Lansing, MI Date: Mar 28 00:32:56 2001
Comment: I found this site through the Motor City Music Archives site. Nice surprise...and playing with the special effects on that photo was fun too! I =se to design concert posters in the Lansing (and other parts of Michigan) area in the late 60's / early 70's and am also a musician. Your site is cool and I'll be back!
Name: Tom Arsulowicz
Location: Orlando,Fl Date: Mar 3 02:00:22 2001
Comment: Hi just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your artical and interview, on the =60's" groups from Grand Rapids. My buddies and I really followed the "Kingtones" I can still remember the gool old times at the "Shamrock" on Bridge St. and the Gables . Do you remember their song "Twins". We still try to follow them when we get up north. Keep up the good work, it keeps us young. Yup those were the days.

Name: Michael Krawczyk (Homepage)
Location: Warren, MI Date: Feb 23 06:32:43 2001
Comment: HOLY SMOKES! I can't believe it took me this long to find this site! Excellent job in researching this info. As 1/2 of the Motor City Music Archives, I know how tough it can be to find info on obscure bands, especially if you weren't old enough to be there!!! Keep on kickin' it out!!!!!!!!!
Name: Jon Voss
Location: Date: Jan 8 08:22:17 2001
Comment: Great site Jake! You're preserving some unique history that would definitely be lost without you. How about a GR rock and roll museum??
Name: Nathan (Homepage)
Location: Kalamazoo, USA Date: Nov 13 10:59:14 2000
Comment: Yay, Jake! Fine job, you sneaky guy. I mean, "Me And Dem Guys"? You can't make this stuff up. Simply looking at the list of bands has given me renewed faith in the lunacy of this world. Thanks.
Name: Vitas Zebraitis ()
Location: Chicago Date: Nov 8 11:04:26 2000
Comment: Bully for you, Jake! Keep that passion for G.R. rock burning.
Name: Gregory Gains (Homepage)
Location: Sweden Date: Oct 31 04:58:56 2000
Comment: Just passing by! Cool site, I love the guitar links!!!!! Keep it up!
Name: Aunt Phyllis ()
Location: Grand Rapids Date: Oct 26 12:21:48 2000
Comment: On this day in 1934 Mae Panza gave birth to a little girl, Phyllis Ann. Then forty years on my birthday I was given a present I will never forget. the flight of my life, your dad took me on a color tour of Grand Rapids. As he piloted his small plane that flew over my house when my party was going on. He gave a wave with the plane and the family waved back. Now 26 years later you continue to carry out your fathers enthusiastic way of life.
Name: Peter Nicolaou
Location: El Paso, Texas Date: Oct 13 09:25:55 2000
Comment: Wow, did all this bring back some memories. If Western Michigan was considered a backwater compared to Detroit, you don't want to even think about growing up in Charlotte. Eric O in Lansing and CKLW was just about all we had. Couldn't even get Chicago very well or often.

Thanks for your site. Really enjoyed it. Ironic that my 26 year-old son and his wife in Houston put me on to you!

Peter Nicolaou
El Paso, Texas
Name: W. Genter (Homepage)
Location: Seattle, WA Date: Oct 2 15:11:41 2000
Comment: Very impressive research on an extremely narrow niche... Keep your eye open for the Holy Moley Revival Band as well; their rendition of "Dewey =ewey" has become a bootleg favorite in Marienske Lazne, Czech Republic. Well Done, Mr. Brown!
Name: Greetings from Finland!
Location: Date: Oct 1 16:22:17 2000
Comment: A great site - and an ultra-cool broadcast. I tune on daily: can't get enough!
Name: davidlgordon ()
Location: Glasgow, Scotla Date: Sep 23 04:13:22 2000
Comment: Just a thought about ownership of tracks recorded
at Fenton.
If, as I suspect, a lot of the releases were
custom recordings - i.e. a band paid Fenton for a couple of house studio time and for a couple of hundred copies to be pressed up - then ownership of the tracks wouldn't necessarily lie with the
label. The groups who paid those costs in the first place are probably the legal owners of the tracks.
Name: Bill Nadolny (Homepage)
Location: USA Date: Sep 8 09:35:46 2000
Comment: Great work! Keep it up! =ore more more!
Name: Patrick La Penna (Homepage)
Location: Grand Rapids Date: Sep 1 09:09:23 2000
Comment: I want to know who put the stomp in the stompdedompdedomp
Name: David Walters
Location: Date: Aug 28 19:04:41 2000
Comment: Looks great and yes you can use the interviews.

Name: Jeff Sabatini (Homepage)
Location: USA Date: Aug 25 21:37:54 2000
Comment: Jake Brown is, once again, my hero!
Name: howard ()
Location: u.s.a. Date: Aug 23 14:41:09 2000
Comment: cool
Name: Tom Borisch
Location: USA Date: Aug 9 14:15:31 2000
Comment: Hey Jake.. Great site!! I'll spread the word!
Name: Mom
Location: GrandRapids USA Date: Aug 2 22:04:31 2000
Comment: Wow, Jake! This is a great site. I'm so proud of you. You've always loved music from the time you were a little boy sitting on the floor wearing huge headphones and listening to me and your Dad's eight tracks. "Wike a Winestone Cowboy..." and "Sunshine on my shoulder makes me kwy". Gosh, you were cute! You're still a doll. Love you forever. mom
Name: Hi (Homepage)
Location: Japan Date: Aug 2 20:52:15 2000
Comment: Hi Thank you To let me know your webpages!
It's great !
Name: David Gordon ()
Location: Scotland Date: Jul 30 07:52:08 2000
Comment: Hello Jake,
Name: Steve Coleman (Homepage)
Location: UK Date: Jul 30 04:30:27 2000
Comment: Excellent resource. Looking forward to the time when you nail a few MP3 files on the site. Check out the Chosen Few (now booted on a Euro CD) and the Let 'em Have It (dogy sound quality) compilations for more Fenton/Michigan tracks. Bye.
Name: D. Phillips
Location: USA Date: Jul 18 21:02:48 2000
Comment: Boss site! Interviews and all. I'll be checking it to see if rockers like The Squires, Wednesday Children, Leslie or the Suicidal Poodles show up. God Bless Siamese Beetle!