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New Soulbenders Videos

An update from Aris Hampers of the Soulbenders and Phlegethon:

It's nice to finally see the posts are being accepted at this site again. I tried for the first half of the year to make some corrections, but the site had errors. Dave Kalmbach made a wonderfully surprising visit to my Disc Shop (when it was still open) at the cd release party for the Soulbenders/Phlegethon "Michigan Tapes" cd release in 2000. It was difficult for him to walk, but there were lots of smiles as we both reminisced about making our two SoulBenders records in Sparta in the glory days. His battle with MS has probably taken it's toll by now, but I wish him the very best.

Earlier this year, just for grins, I created 4 videos of our 2 SoulBenders 45's and posted them on YouTube. Take a look if you find some time. (and make sure you click on the 'watch in high quality' blue link just below the YouTube player, if you want the audio to be in-synch with the video...a big difference.)

Now...regarding the 'missing numbers' in the Fenton numbering system...folks, those were 'not' Fenton numbers. Those numbers were assigned by American Record Pressing plant in Owosso before it burned to the ground decades ago. If you didn't request a number, they issued one of their own. The missing numbers could have been issued to 'anyone' 'anywhere' who pressed a private issue. (They pressed a lot of out-state records as well) Hope that clears it up for some. I've been trying to post that info here (among other stuff) for years, but the site wouldn't let me.

-Aris (of the SoulBenders and Phlegethon)

Video: The SoulBenders "7&7 Is" (1968)


Last updated on August 12, 2008.

I just watched some of the Soulbenders videos and thought they were amazing! It sure brings back a lot of great memories of high school, growing up in GR, listening to WLAV at 1340 AM and cruisin the "Circuit" downtown GR on a Friday or Saturday night. If I remember correctly the Soulbenders performed at one of the Junior Achievement Trade Fairs at the old Welsh Auditorium back in the late 1960s also which is where I had the pleasure of first seeing them. I thought they were great then and the music on the CD and these videos confirm that. Thanks for sharing these with us Aris! thanks for the memories. You were and are part of the sound track of our lives!

Posted by: Tom at January 5, 2010 11:08 AM
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