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The Sleazefest in Chapel Hill, North Carolina has done a fine job of getting Mr. Adkins involved with their festivities. He performed at Sleazefest 94 and appears on a compilation album they released.

Visit the Hazel Motel for a frighteningly close look into the personal world of the Haze. You can actually stay there. I think it might be affiliated with Helliday Inn or Motel 666.

Another fine source of Hazification is the Official Hasil Adkins Hunch Club.

If you're a Hasil Adkins fan you may have heard of Jesco White. Or maybe you saw Jesco's movie, Dancing Outlaw, and first heard of the Haze. Either way, his Fan Club page is pretty cool.

And don't forget to check out the fine site of Norton Records where you can order all the Haze's records directly from the folks who rediscovered him!

If you want to see what's available from CD Now, click here...

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